"Eileen has undertaken many writing assignments for BAAF. All of these have required considerable research in what is a specialised field. In all cases, Eileen has produced excellent copy, well pitched to suit the target readership, in a style that is clear and accessible and which conveys the content easily. Delivery has always been to deadline."

Shaila Shah, Director of Publications, BAAF

Some examples of my work

Facing up to Facebook
A survival guide for adoptive families.
Social Networking and Contact
How social workers can help adoptive families.
Get Your Kids Fit!
A parents' guide to encouraging children to get fit and enjoy sport, written with Kelly Holmes.
Working Mum's Handbook
Written with Carole Smillie, published by Virgin Publishing
Children's Play
A parents' guide to helping babies and toddlers enjoy physical play and develop confidence.
Caring for Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Children and Young People
A series of booklets for foster carers: this includes a general booklet on looking after children and young people who have been through difficult and sometimes horrific experiences in their home countries and in their journeys to the UK, and separate booklets on China, Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iran, which provide a basic introduction to the children's countries of origin and their cultural background. A guide to the UK for young people completes the series.
preparing to adopt
Preparing to Adopt - Training pack
A new edition of BAAF’s established and highly respected training programme which sets out a comprehensive approach to preparing adopters. Link
Safer Caring: A Training Programme
A training course which aims to give foster carers the knowledge they need to prevent, recognise and get the right treatment for secondary traumatic stress disorders. Link
trauma and recovery
Trauma and Recovery: A Training Programme
This flexible training course has been designed to help social workers, staff in residential homes, foster carers and adoptive parents to understand more about the needs of traumatised children. Link

trauma and recovery
Social Networking and You
This booklet for adopted and long-term fostered young people raises important questions about the use of social networking sites, chatrooms and instant messaging, and offers practical advice on sharing information (or not) and staying safe online. Link

trauma and recovery
Ten Top Tips: Supporting Education
This book looks at some positive steps that workers and carers can take to support looked after children in school, including: assessing the impact of the child’s history on their education; facilitating links between the carers and the school; forming a relationship with school staff; and supporting the child through transitions. Good practice points are included throughout. Link

Magazine articles

Poems Transform GP's Waiting Room - GP MedEconomics
Poetry can help patients feel more at ease in healthcare settings, writes Eileen Fursland... Download PDF

Sailing Scheme Assists Heroin Addicts To Detox- GP MedEconomics
Two weeks at sea aimed to help four addicts go 'cold turkey'... Download PDF

He said he loved me
On child sexual exploitation Download PDF

Newspaper articles

Hi, i think i'm your mum ;-) - Guardian
Social network sites like Facebook are changing adoption for ever. At the click of a button, birth parents can contact their children - and vice versa - with far reaching consequences. Eileen Fursland reports. Link

Short, sharp, swap - Guardian
For a pupil, a fixed-term exclusion for bad behaviour often means a few days at home, during which you can have a lie-in, play on your computer, watch telly or maybe even go shopping (or shoplifting). With any luck, when you get back to school, the teachers will even forget to chase you up about missing homework. It used to be pretty much the same at Kingsmead school, in the... Link

Circles of Life - Guardian
When convicted sex offender Arnold Hartley was murdered at his house in Redcar, Cleveland, last November, it appeared few people in the local community lost any sleep over it. Killing a paedophile, it seemed, was a way of ensuring that he didn't commit more offences. But a more humane way of ensuring paedophiles do not re-offend is being tried in several areas of Britain... Link

Past Present - Guardian
A life-changing law that will grant birth parents of adopted children the right to seek news about them. Link

Public order - Guardian
It's been a whirlwind first year for youth offender panels, charged with steering young people back on to the straight and narrow. Link

Link to other Guardian articles

Online resources

Understanding the child: an online reference resource for everyone who works with children and young people. Link